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January 2, 2011

Milani Gems (Happy New Year!)

Hello again and Happy New Year everyone!

Milani One Coat Glitter polishes, that I won on Vampy Varnish giveaway, came to my just on time: on 31st December, so I got to wear Gems on New Year's eve!
Look at them, how pretty they are:

And this is Gems:

 It's a  very glittery polish, with tons of different colored and sized octagonal glitter. There are mainly silver, red and blue glitter, but you can also find gold, orange, green... It's so shiny and draws attention, definitely not for everyday wear, but perfect if you want to celebrate something.
Here's the swatch:

As a base I used a no name dark blue polish. I was unsatisfied with it because it didn't have a very good finish and it bubbled, but Gems saved the day. With it as a top coat all the imperfections were disguised and I was ready to celebrate! :)
So now I just have to swatch the rest of them. I have them lined up on the table and admire them all day, my roommates are begining to wonder about my mental health, as if I haven't shown them I'm a nail-addict enough times before. (laughs like a maniac)
That's it for now, I hope you all had a good party day before yesterday, I know I did. Too good, maybe, since I'm still recovering from it :)



  1. Zakon! :)) Predivni su svi! Sretna nova!

  2. Uff, bas ti je super pocela nova godina. xD

  3. Da, curke, sretna sam kao malo dijete! Sretna Nova i vama!

  4. dobar početak nove,neka tako i ostane :-)

  5. Čestitam! Stvarno lijepa nagrada.