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January 12, 2011

Milani Glitz

Or should I call this post unsuccesful nail-art?
When I saw Milani Glitz (from my Milani haul that I got from Vampy Varnish) it was my favourite of them all. But when I put it on, I saw that it didn't get along with my skin tone at all. :(   Plus, it was too shiny with too much glitter for everyday wear. So I decided to put Essence matt top coat on. That blurried Glitz, but total effect was dull, like worn-out and washed-out old gold.
And then... A wicked idea came to my mind: why not put some black sinuous lines on it? I only wish I had taken the picture BEFORE that wicked idea made me do this:

I posted  this photos just to show you Milani. Look at this great glitter! And I think matt top coat looks great on it, because it puts away too much shine and leaves great structured polish that consists of gold, yellow and orange particles.


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  1. Samo da te obavijestim, na mom blogu ćeš naći čak dvije nagrade sa svojim imenom :-)