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September 9, 2011

Antique mani


Lately something's been bothering me, I don't know if anyone else has this problem: on my blog I can't see the followers, I just see the title Followers, but where once were small icons of my followers, now there's nothing!
But today they finally showed up, and I was amazed to see that I have 181 followers!
I was affraid I might lose some of you due to my summer break, but I sure wasn't expecting to gain some more followers!

This is a big thanks to my old followers, and a welcome to new ones!
Please feel free to comment anything, ask whatever you want and share some advices for the blog improvement.

Now, on to the new mani.
As a base I used Smart girls get more Black holo, that I showed you before, but as a  pedicure .
On top of it I stamped a whole nail stamping pattern from BM. Having a bit shorter nails helps in one thing: every whole nail pattern fits my nails, even small BM's.

I really like the result of this.

As these photos weren't taken on direct sunlight, I added this one that is, and shows the true nature of this holo.
Although it isn't some strong holo, and it's scattered, it is still very visible. Unfortunatelly, it maybe even too much: holo + stamping so it looks a bit kitschy.

By the way, looks like my summer job salary is going to melt like the snowman in the sun.
Yesterday I ordered 8 polishes online and bought one in drugstore (new Essence's limited edition Natventurista: Barefoot through the moss, I can't wait to try it!) and today I'm thinking about buying another 6 polishes online from another seller.
Is there a cure for this madness? :)