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September 11, 2011

Light blue comparison

I'm a big big big fan of blue and green polishes, if you didn't notice already! :)
And as I was going through my stash the other day I realised I have so many light blue and mint polishes that looked alike in bottles. So I decided to do my first comparison.

I love comparison posts, do you love them as much? I always want some new polish based on the swatches online and then I order it and realize I have pretty similar shade already. That's why I love comparisons. They really show how different or alike the polishes are next to each other.

So today I will show you light blue swatches and tomorrow minty shades.

I compared these polishes:
Essence You belong tome (pinky) 2 coats
Essence Speed of light blue (ring finger) 3 coats
Yolizul 186 (middle finger) 2 coats
Astor mikado 06 (point finger) could have passed with 2, but I did 3 coats
Catrice Up in the air (thumb) 2 coats

In the bottles they looked like I was going to do an ombre mani, but one the nails it turned out completely different.
I thought of comparing You belong to me with the mint greens, but it was too blue for them. On the nail it looks even more close to blues. But Catrice's UITH turned out to be the most different on the nail. It is much darker on the nail than in the bottle so my thumb kept bouncing from other nails. No, Catrice relly didn't belong to this comparison, so I did a photo without it.

Now it looks like a real comparison. All the colors are pretty close, except for Essence YBTM. It's too green for light blue comparison, and it was too blue for mint comparison. So, it's a unique minty blue color in my collection.
Speed of light blue and Yolizul look very close. But since I had to do three coats for Essence I declare Yolizul the winner of light blues. Astor has subtle shimmer in it so it differs it from the other polishes, but I really like the shimmer that adds depth to this polish, compared to plain old cremes.

All in all I like Yolizul's application and color, but the true winner in application was Catrice Up in the air. Although the color on the nail isn't exactly light blue, more pale medium blue. I would describe it as a stormy midday sky.

Tomorrow I'll show you the mint greens.
How did you like my first comparison?



  1. super poredjenje, uvek korisno :)

  2. Great post!
    I like Astor, and then Speed Light of Blue. Too bad they are three coaters.

  3. I'm wearing Speed of Light Blue right now. Very apt post, ;)

  4. So pretty. I love blues as well - Essence has some great ones!

  5. Some great blues! My camera doesn't like blues!