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September 21, 2011

Butterfly effect


I dedicate this post to my lovely dog, Timmy, who's been with me for over 17 years (!).
I feel really sad because she's starting to get more and more weak, and seems like it's time for her to go. But I can't let her. Not yet.
This is the photo of the two of us together, today.
I have to share it with somebody, and I guess my readers won't mind. Plus, I know many of you nail bloggers are also animal lovers. :)

Now, I would like to share this pretty mani with you.
As a base I used Catrice Sweets for my Sweets, the polish which I used to hate because it took three coats for full opacity. But every time I put it on, I like it more than the last time. Barby pink color is the reason for that.

I love girly stuff and I search for excuses for buying silly things like Hello Kitty lip balm (I really need another lip balm, I own only 20) or pink pen (my other 20 pens suddenly ran out of ink). But with this polish, I have no excuse: I love it because it's so girly and so lovely.

For the butterflies I used some no name franken that was just a bit darker than Catrice so the final effect wasn't that visible from the distance, but it was subtle and gentle, just like a butterfly.

I love this mani! Makes me think of that old Aqua song... Yeah, you know which song!  :)



  1. I feel so sad because of your dog :( I can imagine how hard it is for you after 17 years, that's a very long time. I love that mani, Barbie girl indeed!

  2. I know what it means to lose such a friend, it's a huge loss.

  3. I feel really sad about your dog...

  4. Sorry to hear about your dog. It's really sad to let go of your pets.

  5. Wow! 17 godina. Budi sretna što si tolike godine dijelila sa njom, toliko sjećanja i veselih dana, a vjerujem da će ih biti još mnogo. Uvijek se teško pomiriti s gubitkom ljubimca, ali nećemo sad o tome...
    Divna slika.

  6. sve lijepe stvari jednom dođu kraju... nadam se da ćete se družiti još neko vrijeme...

  7. Thank you all for your support...
    I finally decided last night.

  8. sorry for Timmy... I'm so sad now... he's a beautiful dog..

  9. Thank you misaya...
    It's done.
    But she had a great life, I'm happy for that

  10. 17 years! That's amazing! I can't imagine how hard this process is for you & you have my sympathy. I accidentally got my first dog a few years ago & I love him so much that it actually hurts my heart.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear that. :( I'm sure she was so happy to spent her life with you. Now she's your little angel. :*