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December 9, 2010

New Age

New Age mini polishes can be found in a little baskets on the counter of many drugstores. They are ridiculously cheap, about 1$, so I thought they can't be any good. I was, once again, wrong. These have full opacity in one thicker coat, and the colors are... colorful! Not only those boring (to me) reds and roses, you can also find bright yellow, blue, green, purple... Two cremes that I own (yellow and blue) are more pigmented than any polish I have so far seen available on Croatian market. I'm in love!
And for someone like me, who loves to have at least 50 different colors of nail polish, AND not to go bankrupt, they are perfect investition.
So, New Age Yellow (they don't have names or numbers, that's a minus):

 The color is true yellow, without an orange note that will make your hands look like you painted it with an egg yolk. I was so delighted with the color, until I walked into public transportation bus and saw that all the bars are exactly the color of my nails :)
Then I added blue stars and arrows to make them little more unique.