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December 13, 2010

Essence Crazy about colour LE: Crazy me

Essence introduces a new Limited edition of make up and polishes every few months, and maybe because we know that the collection is about to be sold in a matter of days, or because the colors are just that great, we all love those LE's.
This one: Crazy about colours  is a cheerful, hippy collection with lots of bright colors as the name suggested.
I got only green polish (with a hint of blue undertone), since I'm green-and-blue-polishes-addict and it's called Crazy me.



  1. Evo boje po mom guštu,a i stamping mi je super :-)

  2. Znači i ti voliš zelene... :)
    Ja inače volim nakeljiti pečate na sve nokte, ali ovaj je uzorak prejak i 'pojeo' bi lak pa sam ipak stavila samo na jedan nokat...