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December 13, 2010

I won a giveaway!

I'm soooo happy, Kelly from Vampy Varnish just mailed me and informed me that I'm the winner of her giveaway!

My day was so crappy until now that I was planning to go to bed and not to wake up 'till tomorow...
I slept for 4 hours because I had to study for exam today, then I messed it up and had class from 5 pm to 8 pm. Totally exhausted I came home to find out I have to finish a project by tomorow, and that takes at least 5 hours of work.
But since the good news came I'm jumping around and now I'm just about to start doing my project, so: thank you Kelly for making my day!

And a note to my dear followers: you also make my day, just a comfort of knowing that someone out there actually reads my blabbering :)


  1. Čestitam na odličnoj pobjedi, jedva čekam swatcheve.

  2. Svaka cast! Joj, da je meni pobediti bar jedanput, bas nikad nemam srece. xD

    I super ti je blog a nokti savršeni! :)

  3. Hvala cure! Bacam se na swatchanje čim dođu! Imat ću puno swatchanja izgleda jer mi stiže i paketić od e.l.f.-a sa 7 lakića :))))
    nisam ni ja mogla vjerovati da sam jednom uspjela, već mjesecima ostavljam svoje podatke po blogovima :)

  4. wooooooooow sretnice! čestitam!
    ovo je baš lijep giveaway