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December 3, 2010

Golden Rose

Golden Rose's nail polish are terribly underrated considering their quality, colors and style.
They have few nail polish lines, like: Paris, Protein Nail Lacquer, Care&Strong, Holographic and Scale effect. I'm dying to get my hands on Holos and Scales, but unfortunately in Croatia's Refan shops you can only get 'regular' ones.
But these regulars are also amazing! Great colors, lovely looking bottles and easy application.
For now I have three polishes from Paris collection: Pale purple, Dark shimmer purple and Japanese red. I gave them the names, in case you're wondering... :)  They only have numbers and that's a little boring for me.
So, today I'm showing you Pale purple, a.k.a number 221:

The color is pale purple, altough not as pale and cold as it looks in the photo. Add just a little bit of Barbie pink in your mind and that should do it. On my olive toned dark skin it looks just perfect, and this is the only polish that makes my hands look classy and aristocratic white so I adore it!
Here's another photo:

Do you own any Golden Rose polishes?



  1. Golden Rose nail polishes are great,I have just one at the moment,its from the same Paris collection,and its a perfect red.I used to buy them all the time while I lived in Montenegro,but now in Portugal I couldn't find the Golden Rose brand:(:(Really pretty nails:**

  2. Nemam još nijedan njihov lak, ali baš mi se sviđa ova girly nijansica

  3. Izgleda da ja jedina na svijetu nemam nijedan golden rose lak...morat će se tu nešto mijenjati!
    Dobro izgleda ovaj tvoj a nokti su ti savršeni :-)

  4. golden rose nail polishes are really really underrated... they are such a good quality and they have various awesome colors. i searched for this color alot.its so awesome!!!thank you for sharing