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December 16, 2011

Day 21. Inspired by BLUE

I was truly inspired this time!
As soon as I saw the theme I instantly had an idea: each nail different, but all including dark blue Pure Ice French Kiss.

Lets start from the thumb: half of the nail theme color and the other half Basic Beauty no.71.
Point finger: half of the nail  Hot Topic medium blue matt polish with the other half in the theme color.
Middle finger: theme color as a base and Essence Blue Addicted on top.
Ring finger: China Glaze Sea Spray with theme dots. By the way I looove Sea Spray and I recommend it to all light blue lovers- one coater with stunning shimmer...
Pinky: just theme color.

The result is a bit complicated, but special mani. So many people noticed it and I always take it as a good sign.

What's your opinion? Is it too much?
Did I put on too many polishes or do they fit in just fine?
Please comment more, dear readers, even if you don't like it, I'll take it as an advice and try to improve next time, but without comments I might start to think noone reads this littlle blog of mine :(
And special thanks to the ones who comment regularly, they'll know who I'm talking to...



  1. Ali tako je lakse stalkat ^_^ svidja mi se hot topic, jel imas negdje swatch na cijeloj ruci? Buduci da obozavam plavu ne mogu se cak ni odlucit koji mi je najbolji prst, svi su mi super

  2. Very cute manicure! ♥

    BTW: I passed the Nail Art Friendly Blog badge to you in my latest post. :)

  3. lajkam, ništa mi tu nije previše :-D

  4. I just love this combo...the colors fit perfect one another...I always make one or few of my nails different than the others-it's more fun:)))