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December 15, 2011

Day 20. (The worst ever) Water Marbled Nails

Hello again!

I decided I just wasn't talented for WM... :(
I tried four times and each time it gets worse, not better! Since the task was WM I gave it another try.

Now I wish I hadn't...
Apart from cleaning the whole mess after: polish stuck up everywhere, on my fingers, below the nails, on the desk and so on..., the final result was so bad I almost decided not to even show it to you.

But since the challenge must be done, and I have no intention of repeating WM (not ever again in my life), I'm showing you this tiny photo of it, just so you can get the picture of what I'm talking about.

Remember: I'm NOT proud of this! :)



  1. haha, mislila sam da će bit i gore koliko si se izgadila... žao mi je što nisam postala nigdi forku svog pokušaja - to je tek bila strava ;-)

  2. Ma ovo je nakon polusatnog čišćenja!

  3. Water marbled nails also never work for me somehow! You're not alone with that :)

  4. I give you credit for at least trying!!! I am too afraid to even try-so good for you!