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December 10, 2011

Day 18. Half moons

Now something according to my taste, after that glittering mani that really wasn't my style.

Half moons with one of my favourite colors: China Glaze Jolly Holly from last year's Christmas collection.
I wanted that polish since I first saw it, but I didn't satisfy my whim and order it right away, no, I thought the love would not last... But it did and I got it few months ago in a swap.
This is the first time I'm showing it to you, but the third time I'm wearing it.

It's perfect shade of deep green with multicolored shimmer (you can see that really good on the photos taken in the sun).
For half moons I used She 230.

 And in the sun...
I can't decide if I like it better in the shade or in the sun. What do you say?

 I love how this combo looks Christmas-like. Especially with this Advent wreath we have on our dining table. The colors fit just perfect!

I'm sorry I didn't post for so long, but I had some family situations and it was impossible for me to spend an hour cropping photos, writing post and writing few meaningful words.

Hello to my new followers as well!



  1. odlično izgledaju, ja si baš već duže vrijeme želim napravit half moons!
    odlična ti je kombinacija boja, baš su božićni!

  2. predobro ;) baš paše na oblik nokta