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January 16, 2013

Midie no. 322

A long time ago I bought this polish. It's a no name brand I found in a local China shop and that I purchased before coming to conclusion that I really shouldn't buy all sorts of polishes.
I hate so many things about this polish.

I hate it's stench, I hate the fact that it's hardly manageable a year after it was opened (I have few Zoya polishes 4 years old that are in a far better condition).
But what I hate the most is that this cheap crap always makes my nails split!

At first I thought it was a coincidence: I put on this lovely polish on my long and healthy nails and a week later they were gone. Had to chop 'em of completely :(
I tried to do that two times since than and every time it's the same result.
As I am writing this post I'm looking at my poor, short, chubby nails and cursing the day I purchased this polish.

What I loooove about it? The color, obviously...

P.S. I finally got rid of that polish after the third shortening of my nails!