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January 2, 2013

Depend Magnetic 6005

Happy New Year, and may it be (even) better than the last one for all of you!!!

I was in a bit of a rush when I did this mani, since we decided on 30th that we're going on a two-day trip to Osijek. I came home from work that evening, and the plan was to go early in the morning.
I didn't have time to do something special for a New Year celebration, so I put on this magical time-savior polish.

Depend Magnetic polish is the best magnetic I've ever seen. What I love about it is a great contrast between base color and magnetic particles that gives 3D effect.
Next best thing: small holo particles that shine and add extra dressy feeling to this polish.
And finally: just one coat and relatively fast drying.



  1. The magnetic effect is quite strong indeed. It's been a while since I used any of mine.

  2. zaljubila sam se :)
    izvrsno ti je ispalo, divan je lak :)

  3. Odlično!! Ja imam samo jedan magnetic, od Golden Rose. I primjetila sam da se taj magnetizirajući učinak nekako "potrošio". Jel' to moguće uopće? Ili samo treba bočicu dobro protresti da se čestice lijepo rasporede?

  4. Meni se to nije dogodilo s nijednim. Moguće je da su magnetske čestice teže pa padnu na dno. Probaj protresti pa vidi!