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April 18, 2012

Sally Hansen Purple Diamond as a holo top coat

I got the idea on the croatian forum, where some girls put holo polishes on top of other polishes and got awesome holo effect. I tried it with Purple Diamond since it's the most visible holo polish I own, and it doesn't have strong color on it's own, that could 'kill' the base polish.

As a base I used Essence Chuck, one of the best Essence's polish. It's opaque in one smooth layer and dries in no-time.
I added just one coat of Purple Diamond and here's the result:

Unfortunatelly, these two last days there was no sunshine at all, so I got to enjoy the holo effect only under the artificial light.
Next time I'm watching the weather forecast before I put on a holo polish!



  1. Ovo je prelepo, ja mislim, da sam se zaljubila. :)

  2. I never even thought to layer holos. The combo is stunning

  3. I never thought of layering holos to get different coloured holos. Have to try this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Totalno ne brijem nešto pretjerano na holo, al ovo je zbilja prekrasno! Vjerojatno zato što je i plavo ujedno :D

  5. predivno! holo efekt je wooow

  6. Such a nice holo effect! Great idea with the layering :)