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April 25, 2012

Bourjois Beige Glamour

I wanted this kind of dirty pinkish color for a long time and I was so excited when I found it in a Bourjois Beige Glamour.
But when I put it on, it somehow didn't look good on me. I guess my skin tone just doesn't go well with it.

I wanted it to look something like this: Beige Glamour.
But I have too dark, olive skin and it doesn't look good.

I was so dissapointed that I sold it right away.    :(

Here's a photo in a natural light:

And here are photos with flash:

Can you se how it sort of tends to look nude on me, not at all what I expected.

So after aplying it I added some scotch tape decoration with Essence I Love My Jeans just to avoid the nude look.
That helped.

I can't tell you how much I love this Essence limited edition polish. It stood there, completely forgotten since I bought it, and when I recently got to the end of a bottle of my favourite black Manhattan polish, I thought: Why not give it a try with Essence?
And I was so pleased to see it covers in one easy coat and it's also perfect for stamping. Subtle silver shimmer is a plus for me, too.
I already spent a half of the bottle since I 'discovered' it.

What's your favourite one-coat black polish?



  1. I don't use black so much, but I love the mani you've done :)

  2. Awesome mani :) I really like wet n wild's black creme

  3. Boja lakova je super. Duzina nokta je lepa,svidja mi se :)