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April 20, 2012

Rainbow stripes

Hi, my dear readers!

I'm glad you liked my previous mani so much, thanks for all the great comments!

This time it's something different. I'm 25 since yesterday, and this mani is something of a rebel against my age :)
Some would say it's not age at all, but I keep repeating to myself: 'Holy sh.., you're quarter of a century now!'
I don't want to become one of those now-25-and-retired people, I want to taste life, travel, and still go out and meet new people. And I strongly disagree with some of my friends that assure me you cannot do that with full time job. I will and I can!

This said, I will show you the pics:

As a base I used no name yellow polish that smells like wood-paint and covers in one easy layer.
For orange stripes: Astor Mikado 30 (orange)
For red stripes: Mavala Madrid
For green stripes: Bipa Frog
For light blue stripes: Catrice Blue Cara Ciao
For dark blue stripes: Pure Ice French Kiss

My roommate showed up with a bunch of baloons that matched my nails completely, how cool is that?



  1. Happy Bday! Mine is next week.

  2. Happy Birthday! Your nails a gorgeous!

  3. this mani is so much fun, I love it!
    Happy birthday! :)

  4. sretan rođendan :-D
    ne boj se, kad nešto želiš uvijek ćeš naći vremena ;-D

  5. Sretan rođoš! Iskreno ja sam mislila da si ti 30+ :D, a kad ono još mlađa od mene :D