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March 6, 2012

The most perfect brown polish: Alessandro Belle Mademoiselle

I found it!

The one I've been looking for a long time. The perfect brown.

Not too light, not too dark, with just enough shimmer to add a sparkle, but not to look too flashy.

It's Alessandro Belle Mademoiselle, from limited collection Glam Session. 

I only went for it because I had a lot of spare time (came to work too early and had to spend an hour somewhere) and because Alessandro has testers for their limited collections.
So I tried each polish and I ended up loving this one.

I usually don't post photos of nail polish bottle, but this one I had to take to show you the huge difference in color in the bottle and on the nail.
I would normally never buy the color I saw on the outside: light brown (looking like poop!) with too  much orange in it and oddly looking green-ish shimmer.

But when I put this beauty on the nail it becomes my dream polish, the exact shade I wanted.

Just look at it:

It was opaque in just two easy coats and held on my nails for three days without a top coat. When you buy Alessandro, at least you know what you're paying for.

Would you call this golden-green-ish shimmer or glassfleck?
I never could quite tell the difference...


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  1. Stvarno je savršen. Nikad nisam vidjela takav lak :)