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March 15, 2012

Essence Grand Plie In Black

Lately I'm all into dark polishes, I wear all shades of gray and black and that's why I haven't been posting as regularly. The main reason is that I've shown all those colors on my blog before.

But this is one shade that's been standing in the box untried since I bough it, and I thought, why not finally swatch it.
And when I did, I wanted to punch my head in the wall for not wearing before.

This is a beutiful jelly black with orange shimmer. Or glitter? Hard to decribe, the size of the sparkling beauty is somewhere between shimmer and glitter. But I like the fact that it's really visible on the nails, unlike Essence's Undead? polish where purple glitter is being eaten by black base.

This was two easy coats.  It lasted four days without any tipwear or chipping.
My nails were shinning like crazy and they looked as if I put on some gel-ish top coat, when, in fact I didn't put on top coat at all.

I'm in love with this polish!


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  1. volim ovaj lak pogotovo jer se ovaj glitter vidi a ne samo da izgleda skroz crno