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March 29, 2012

Flormar 418 (Paradoxal dupe)

Here comes yet another Chanel Paradoxal dupe, but this time I like the copy sooo much better than the original!

The purple shimmer, not so visible in other dupes, like Revlon Perplex, is literally jumping out from this polish on the nail. You don't have to look for it in the bottle and wonder how the hell it vanished on the nail.  :)

Second, this polish is like butter to apply. Two easy and quick-dry coats and that should be enough, plus, it's so shiny, no need for top coat at all!

Enough praising, look at the beauty yourself:

I had to cut off my nails after this since my thumbs broke all the way. Both of them. On the same day!
 Some people have bad-hair-day, I have bad-thumb-day... :(



  1. Very elegant. What did you use for stamping?

    1. Thanks!
      One of the new Bundle Monster plates and Sally Hansen Opal Chrome polish.

  2. ajme predobro ti nokti izgledaju, nisam neki fan paradoxala i lookalike-a al ti ovo super stoji

  3. Prekrasan je ovaj Flormar. Ja imam ANNY i Catrice u ovakvim verzijama, pa mi ovaj zapravo ni ne treba..

  4. Maybe I read it wrong, but I didn't understand which polish you actually used? :D its so gorgeous!