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June 6, 2011

New dress mani

Long time, no see...  :)
But because of this longer pause I have one extra cute mani to show you. I went to my cousin's wedding on saturday so I got a new dress. As soon as I saw it I had an idea what to do with my nails.
I think this suits round-shaped nails. I got quite used to them by now, in fact I learned to love those. And I don't have to curse every time I hit a piece of furniture 'cause my nails don't break anymore, due to this shape :)

Here's the mani, sorry for picture spam, but I couldn't pick just a few of them.

As a base I used Catrice Clay-ton, my hero!. With scotch tape I put one coat of Manhattan 60 seconds plain black polish, and with my new favourite stamping polish, Sally Hansen Chrome (they're all excellent for stamping) I added these little flowers.
And here's the dress that inspired me:

And, of course, matching foot mani:

I hope you don't mind me posting every 6-7 days, but as I already explained, I simply don't have time.
I have one bonus photo for you, I did my mother's nails also for the wedding, she wanted a matching mani, too.
Here's what I came up with:



  1. I love your mani, so elegant and original. Very nice job!

  2. This is so great!!! It goes with your dress perfectly!
    Lovely mani for your mom as well :D

  3. Odlicno si sredila i sebe i mamu! :)

  4. Prekrasna manikura, i tvoja i mamina. Odlično si joj noktiće sredila :)

  5. Wow such a pretty design, thanks for sharing! :)