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January 11, 2012

Day 23. Inspired by a song : Bed of Roses

Bon Jovi is my favourite band since I was a kid, of course it had to be one of their songs... Always, Living on a Prayer, Someday I'll Be Saturday Night, I'll be There For You, Born to Be My Baby, Living in Sin, Wanted Dead or Alive... All great songs, but not transferrable to nail design. So I chose a classic: Bed of Roses.

And immediatelly I had to face another problem: I have no silky white polish! In all my pretty large staff there's no white polish other than Stamping White polish from Essence. I'll have to correct that immediatelly. So please give me your suggestions: which white polish to buy? I want it to be opaque in one, or two coats and not to look like corrector. Some subtle shimmer would be nice...

So, instead of white silk sheets, my bed has pale pink sheets :)
Base color is Yolizul 188, and for the roses I used a bunch of old, thick polishes that I didn't even bother to remember.

Anyone else a Bon Jovi fan here?



  1. This mani is really cute :-D For the white polish I have no clue: I used to use a;-) white french polish from Elf , but it wasn't the best! And so if I think about it, I need a nice white polish too ;-) I do like Bon Jovi they do great music!

  2. pa nisam neki veliki fan, ali jako volim tu pjesmu i super je prenesena u manikuru :)

  3. That's just such a pretty manicure! Love it! :)

  4. That's so pretty! I love the colours you used :-)

  5. Ahhhhh they're so cute! Very lovely manicure!!

  6. ne mogu reći da sam veliki fan, ali zato mi se ružice jako sviđaju

  7. Hello! i love your blog and i nominated you for Creative blogger award! Elena.

  8. I was SO impressed with these brilliant stickers! I find myself to be very fortunate to be chosen to be one of the nail stickers in 2011! Now I am proud to say that the stickers are going to be stuck with me for life!