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July 2, 2011

Yolizul Fluorescentes with star design

Hello everyone!

Since I got four coats of that Yolizul polish two days ago my polish is super thick and I still got no tipwear so I got a little tired of the same polish. That's why I added some star design with my Bundle Monster plates.

I thought that it will take the attention off visible nail line, but it didn't. I like the design anyway, it added some 'funkiness' to the polish.
So, what's your verdict? Better or worse than before?



  1. oooh thats so cute! The start helps to distract the vision from the nail line, so no worries, it looks great :)

  2. I'm on Day 3 with one of the Blossoms polishes and no signs of wear either... with no top coat.
    I like the stars. They add a nice funky touch.

  3. I like it - so I think it looks better. I do love the base color though - especially since it is still see-through.