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July 11, 2011

Short pause and She Stylezone 378

Hello my dear readers!

I'm taking a small pause from blogging. As I said in a post few days ago: I'm going away at the sea side to work as a waitress during the vacation season in Croatia.
My nails will be short (and sassy I hope!) and I won't have any time to do some fancy manis so I won't be posting. I may post a few times though, just so you won't forget about me...

And as my last mani with loooong nails (for me this is the longest they have ever grown) I did this:

As a base I used She Stylezone 378: a jelly yellow-green polish that showed visible nail line so I stamped it with some bubbles with Essence plate.

Stay well, take care of your nails and I'll see you around soon!



  1. Good luck on your summer job.

  2. nemoj nam se zaboravit vratit nakon ljeta :) a manikura bi mi se vise svidjala da kruzici nisu tako prozirnkasti

  3. I really like this print!