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November 17, 2010

Turtle konad

Since I promised I will be back to post very soon, here I am!
Did you miss me already :))

Here's my new manicure with OPI Gargantuan Green Grape which is great nail polish by color, but not by formula. It's preety sheer so it took 3 thick coats to get the color similar to one that's in the bottle.
I wanted to introduce this warm autumn to my nails and stamp leaves on them, but seems like my Bundle Monster plate refused to cooperate so I stamped this flowers.
My boyfriend saw them and listen what he came up with:  "They look great! Are those supposed to be turtles?" When he saw me frowning he changed the story: "Oh, no, I know: dinosaurs, right?", he proudly announced...
So my idea of a warm green autumn remained only in my head, obviously...

That's it for today. I'll take my turtles for a walk...


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