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October 6, 2013

Essie Topless & Barefoot

My nails are short and round once again. :(
I tried to file them square-ish for the n-th time, but that just doesn't go well with the natural shape of my nails.

After whole three days of enjoying gorgeous long square nails, inevitable happened.

But this pic is before that disaster.

Here I have two thicker coats of Essie Topless and Barefoot.
That polish will literally stay wet for three days unless you put on a fat thick coat of fast dry top coat. That's the only way to dry this polish.

But it's worth it. One of the best nude polishes for my skin tone.



  1. Super su i nokti i lak. Da sam barem prije ovo vidjela, baš danas sam kupila essie nudača limo scene!

  2. Purchase Deborah Lippmann's "Addicted To Speed"....dries polish fast and stays shiny. Also, make polish thinner your nai buddy. If the polish is too thick, it won't dry. Be sure to turn the polish upside-down and roll...never shake the bottle; it'll put bubbles in your polish. Hope this helps. :-)

  3. Your nails, in this color, is one of the most beautiful manicures I've seen online!

  4. If I had to wear one color for the rest of my life it would be this one. And I'm not even into nude polishes! That's how beautiful it is :D

  5. C'est super? C est quelle couleur? Merci