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December 4, 2012

P2 Elegant (new version) with stamping

I once fell in love with P2 Elegant polish.
And I told my friend to get it when she was going on a trip to Germany.
I expected this color:
P2 elegant (Parokeets blog)
Instead I got this one.
P2 changed the colors of the polishes, but left the same names. Extremely ignorant if you ask me. 
But I'm glad.
If it wasn't for the confusion in names I would never get my hands on this polish.
This is the best, THE BEST nude of my life. I wish all nude and white-ish polishes had this kind of formula.
It's so easy to put on, it's opaque in just one layer and lasts for days without tipwear.
I love the color, and it's the perfect nude for my yellow-ish skin tone.

With flash:

 Outside on an awful cloudy day: